Brian Melvin is available for workshops and individual studies. He has taught world wide and is also the author of "Tao of Drumming," a book which combines the philosophical aspects of Tai Chi Chuan, the Chinese internal martial art, with a fresh approach to drumming, giving any musician new i deas about their own inner space and rhythm. Brian's teaching's key elements are: concentrating on the inner core of relaxation, connecting to one's natural breath, and applying this with awareness to the infinite world of rhythm. Also the idea for the individual to keep connecting to and be part of nature's rhythm at all times along with an important point of being open to the invisible - the dwelling space of the Magic. In his teaching Brian explores the use of hands, fingers, feet and sticks to master the art of drumming. Cross rhythms and African polyrhythm are taught. The students will learn t o get the tone out of any drum and will be helped to find the little ideas an sounds that would make up their own individual styles. Having an extensive background in all aspects of drumming, Brian plays many different kinds of drums, using a number of different techniques in order to reach the desired sound or tone. Taught by Allah Rhaka and his son Zakir Hussain, Brian has played Tablas for many years and stays interested in the world of hand and finger drumming. African and Latin are also his big interests, along with world music and folklore.