Brian Melvin´s Paris Trio - History

Drum legend Brian Melvin (Jaco Pastorius, Joe Henderson, Beatlejazz,

Bob Weir, Michael Brecker, John Scofled, Mike Stern and the list goes

on and on) has a beautiful new project—THE PARIS TRIO.

As Brian says—this one comes full circleBrian, having grown up in

 San Francisco  attended a French grammar school called

Notre Dame des Victories,was around French culture daily—taking lessons in french, singing the French anthem, wearing a two piece little sailor suit for his firt years etc.Little did he know that this would all come back in the form of his new eciting project—The Paris Trio. Whats so great about this group is that ist gets him back into the whole French culture and especially Paris, which is just one of his all time favorite cities—it breathes rhythm and culture, its all there—the architecture, the food, the extreme amount of world cultures, the nightlife.And its always been on the cutting edge of

jazz and world music.

Tony Tixier is jast an incredible young talent, and is so diverse and willing. He keeps Brian into the young vibe and music that is begin created in New York and Paris. He and his twin brother Scott are very involved in this scene. He writes great music and is fun to be with. It´s a gret hook-up.

The bassist has to be flexible with a sense of warmth and sensitivity—and this is exactly what Joachim delivers. They are both in their mid-twenties and play with absolute maturity. Its just fun and a pleasure. They look foward to bringing their music around the world.

2014 Brian Melvin´s Paris Trio