Thank  you for  coming  to  the  Land of Drum. This is my project  creating  visual  and  sonic  landscapes with my  backgrounds  of different drumming and  percussion  styles mixed  with sound  design.  All  of  the music was  created in  the  studio  in  a  "present tense"  moment. There was no music  paper or  prework  about the  music  before  hand.  It  always  felt  like the music was coming to me from very sacred places. This is music for the soul and the deep innermost regions of your being.  I used many acoustic hand drums, electronic drums and samples with computer and keyboards. I was fortunate to work with  some great young brilliant engineers and sound design specialists in making "Land of Drum". Also there were some great moments with friends of mine in collaboration on a  few of the works. Gary Fisher and I composed Zawiland many years ago in San Pablo,  California . On Forecaster my good friend  Jeff Pittson overdubbed tracks on the  Claviola  which give this  track  such  a  haunting sound,  and  was designed  by  John  Taber  in  San Francisco. On "In the Temple", I was fortunate to work with one  of  Estonias  premeir composers -Peeter Vähi. On  "Jade Pond" guitarist  Mart Soo of  Estonia played  some brilliant work on this track. Over in Finland at Arcada studios  my good friend Sir John Gronvall and his assistant  Jeppe Cavonius did some brilliant work  and  sound design on their tracks.  I am especially fond of  their work on  "Motherless Child".  It amazes me where that  music came  from-it's just beautiful.  Saxophonist  Rasmus Nordstrom played some fantastic solos from this session. I also did  a couple of tracks  at  Mango studios with  Marko Kataja in  Finland where  guitarist  Kick Masner contributed  some great playing on Banjos and steel string to the track "Siamese Dream". Also in Finland we  tracked  "Dejavoodoo"  with sound designer  Jari Ravaska, along with  bassist  Ulf Krokfors. But my deepest "thanks" goes to Sten Saluveer who  was with  me  through the whole process. He is very much  in tune with  my  ideas and musical visions,  and just works wonders in the studio. Thanks so much Sten.  Well, I hope you enjoy  Land of Drum . Peace and Light. Brian Melvin.
 Jade Pond
Motherless Child
Land of Drum
In The Temple
 Good Friday
Secret Doctrine
Kulture Shock
Siamese Dream
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