If one loves melodies and a blend of great harmonies with exciting rhythmic  explorations,  one will love  BEATLEJAZZ  live  or  on CD. Brian Melvin and Dave Kikoski create a beautiful new standard  for the music of "The Beatles" . Like the great modern jazz trios of Bill Evans and Keith Jarrett, "Beatlejazz" represents this type of clarity and conciousness in their playing. As the jazz artists of the past always paid homage  to the  popular standards of their days, "Beatlejazz" take their hats off  to  one of the greatest body of music ever written. All four Beatlejazz' CDs have been in top 10  of  USA  radio charts.
   Photos by John Abbott >    www.johnabbottphoto.com
Beatlejazz - David Kikoski [piano] Brian Melvin [drums/percussion]