JACO OR ANYBODY ELSE.  A Contemplation.         It's been quite  some years, almost t wenty  since I  ast saw  Jaco  and played with him. I continually have emails and  websites sent to me  to  ead about Jaco  and  people's experiences, thoughts  and judgments a bout him.  It really  amazes me that  so  many people want  to  quantize this  man  and try to understand him.  Good luck. For me,  the relationship t hat we  had encompassed the whole  spectrum  of  his  being,  and I firsthand got  a  taste of Jaco 360. We shared many  levels of  riendship, and all types  of experiences, and they were all ours and ours only. We all know  that he played great  bass and was an extraordinary musician and composer. But to me, there was a much larger idea in his life that had to do with a message. Maybe not so much about the obvious, such as music, but about life and death, and understanding and looking into  the depths of our  existence.  We all tend to emphasize people a bit more who were large in any field and tend to magnify their importance  more than  the  less fortunate,  or someone not  in  the limelight etc.  I've read where musicians and friends and family only want people to remember him as they would like us to remember him,  and that is  OK.   You know the  great period, the creative period. What nonsense. Then the downfall, Jesus? Take the whole pie, not just the sweet stuff. People ask:  "Did he do this or not, and is it a yes or a no," and so on and so on.  Let it and him be.  Who really knows,  except the person himself.  A person's life i ncludes everything  from their birth until their death.Only Jaco could tell you what was really important to him, and why he did what he did, regardless of anyone's  critique if it was good or bad or right or wrong, as for all of us.  To me this is  a very small and limited view of anybody and especially of artist  of  such magnitude.  My personal feeling is that Jaco came with a message of Love and that was manifested through his music. His music has a  powerful and healing  quality to it.  That is a gift from The Creator. He was a beautiful instrument himself. But he also brought us a message of  suffering and exposing many of the world tragedies that most people are afraid to confront. Sages like Pantanjali who wrote the yoga sutra  and Buddha  and  Christ and  a host  of  others confronted these issues already in detail. Every thing that a person does is part of their book,  and all of us know that our  book has many hidden  chapters that only  we will  ever truly know. How dares anyone make a judgment on someone's character. That's a large order, but we can send love and compassion  and understanding in their direction. Can you imagine  your  own movie  being  shown second by  second, would there  be some embarrassing or  questionable moments?  I feel  that  most  people  get s o attached  to  their experiences and beliefs that this overshadows the true light shining,  on any being or subject matter.  All the experiences and acts of an individual make an imprint on their soul. So every different aspect and phase of any person's life is theirs  and theirs only, even  if it has an external effect on t he whole as well.  As George Harrison said: " Within You Without You". A very good question is: why are we here?  And for what purpose? As for Jaco or anyone else, does it matter if you made great music one day and on another day slept in a park or did something against the establishment,  or  somebody's  moral  code.  We  all have done so many things and have had  so many thoughts that are impossible  for anyone  but  the individual to understand. My God, what did The Beatles do or Mozart or The Grateful Dead or Miles, Bird or Trane, or like  Picasso or  Edgar Allan Poe,  and the list goes on and on and on and a thousand others in all fields in history over time. Drugs-alcohol-disease, sex or whatever vice is only a part of a story, but it is a part of the whole if that was in someone's story. Is this not taking place everywhere you look? It must be here  to learn from. Everybody  picks a story or experience  or has  a judgment to what  is meaningful or not. This is a bit limiting,  I feel.  Just let it be what ever  it was. It's not anyone's  job to  figure out  anybody  else's  life and decisions.  You  can help  and  give suggestions, but most of us are attached to our ways and want the outcome  to suit our desires. I know most of us would not like being judged for one thing or another. It is part of us and that is i t. Cause and effect. We are  all accountable for ourselves. It's really not an easy subject to  comprehend  and  this is  why  different  philosophies,  metaphysics,  religions and science exist.  Everyone wants THE QUESTION answered. And even if they could answer such a question, what good would it do? An important point is  to  work on yourself and get your music which is your being and soul in tune so it can spread through  the invsible  borders.  As Buddha suggested,  we  must  have compassion for ALL sentient beings, especially our enemies.  Also the idea of love your neighbor as yourself,  s still around. There are  so many ways  to  approach this subject regarding beliefs and faiths, but again you must explore this turf and find your place, and if you don't, that's OK.If something cannot  be changed  there  is no sense to worry, and if something  can  be  changed,  there is no sense  to  worry either.  Just think  if you were standing on the  moon  looking down on  Earth.  You would see no  movement at all and  it  would look just fine and in harmony with  itself. With everything that you could  and could  not  possibly  imagine going on  l at once.  Would that b e  OK?  So the idea of this  writing  or  contemplation  came from things I  have read  or  seen printed on  Jaco recently,  but  my  point is whether  it is Jaco or yourself,  it is what it is.  We  must deal  with  the  moment. Everyone has  an importance in this world. As Gandhi said: "Be the change you wish to see in the world". Peace and Light. Brian Melvin. Oct. 17, 2005.