Beatlejazz is one of today’s modern jazz groups on the cutting edge with a sense of imagination and creativity. Brian Melvin and David Kikoski are the driving force behind Beatlejazz. They have released our CDs which all enjoyed international success. The group started in 2000 and continues to get stronger and more i nspired as time passes. Special musical friends such as the late Michael Brecker, John Scofield, Mike Stern, Richard Bona, Toots Thielemans, Joe Lovano, and Larry Grenadier have added their specialmusicality to Beatlejazz. Considering the huge impact the Beatles have had on so many musicians,Beatlejazz has become a group that music fans of all ages can enjoy and learn from. Just as the past generations of jazz musicians borrowed from Broadway musicals and the popular music of their day, Beatlejazz is now doing the same with one of the most important bodies of music ever written. Beatlejazz fuses the music of America and Europe and the world in a very new and original way. In the music of Beatlejazz,Brian and David expand upon the influences of how African American blues, jazz, gospel, rock and rhythm and soul inspired the Beatles. This was at the root of the Beatles’ music and as they grew and matured as a band, so did their song writing, music ianship, and musical influences, such as Indian and classical music. The Beatles inspired all of the mu sic and musicians from America and around the world, and this is where Beatlejazz draws its inspiration for their music.It is a fusing of everything that the music of the Beatles and jazz has offered. Brian and David both grew up as huge Beatle-fans. They both have studied and played different modern styles of music, have recorded and played with many of the past and present leaders in jazz and other genres. In Beatlejazz, one of the specialqualities is bringing new arrangements with new harmonies and rhythms to the compositions, and this is one of their strongest qualities combined with masterful improvisation. Brian and David look forward to bringing Beatlejazz to you and sharing the continuing tradition of imagination and forethought in modern jazz.
Beatlejazz bio-presentation